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Website Design

Online business means, presenting an online office. Your online office would showcase your products/services to capture potential clients.

You wish to have a website which shall have -
- great traffic flow to the homepage as well as the internal pages, *where users shall remember the domain name by heart,
- fall in love with the theme and look of the website am I RIGHT?!

Yes, our web designers and developers are aware of these factors and more.

We believe in making websites that -
- Meet their purpose
- Load fast
- Have an aesthetic appeal
- Are browser and user friendly

Each site we design is considered to be our unique project -
- A theme for layout and navigation flow is formed on the objectives given
- A design with colors, graphics, styles, is made for your approval
- Upon approval the site gets assembled with links and content and is checked for browser compatibility
- The website is submitted!

:- Technical Terminology

We use the following tools/technologies to create the graphical interface and backend of a site.

Graphic Design
:: Adobe Photoshop
:: Adobe Illustrator
:: Corel Draw
:: Dreamweaver
:: FrontPage
:: Macromedia Flash
:: 3D Studio Max
:: Macromedia Director

:: Website Request.

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